#43 Paint Gun Adapters for 3M PPS System

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#2, #15, #40, #43

2032 reviews for #43 Paint Gun Adapters for 3M PPS System

  1. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  2. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  3. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  4. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  5. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  6. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  7. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  8. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  9. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  10. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  11. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  12. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  13. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  14. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  15. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  16. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  17. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  18. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  19. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  20. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  21. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  22. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  23. Ken

    Ever so slightly smaller in diameter @ the top under locknut. Give it a little stretch before dropping the liner in. Otherwise, fine. But be careful putting your lid on!!

  24. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  25. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  26. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  27. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  28. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  29. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  30. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  31. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  32. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  33. Ken

    Ever so slightly smaller in diameter @ the top under locknut. Give it a little stretch before dropping the liner in. Otherwise, fine. But be careful putting your lid on!!

  34. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  35. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  36. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  37. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  38. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  39. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  40. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  41. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  42. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  43. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  44. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  45. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  46. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  47. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  48. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  49. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  50. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  51. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  52. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  53. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  54. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  55. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  56. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  57. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  58. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  59. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  60. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  61. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  62. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  63. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  64. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  65. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  66. SR

    Very misleading. The description states adapters meaning multiple but in truth there is only one adapter. So was disappointed

  67. Ken

    Ever so slightly smaller in diameter @ the top under locknut. Give it a little stretch before dropping the liner in. Otherwise, fine. But be careful putting your lid on!!

  68. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  69. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  70. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  71. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  72. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  73. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  74. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  75. Ken

    Ever so slightly smaller in diameter @ the top under locknut. Give it a little stretch before dropping the liner in. Otherwise, fine. But be careful putting your lid on!!

  76. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  77. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  78. john i.

    Didn’t fit the gun I wanted it for but fit my primer gun… it was finer thread needed a different thread size

  79. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  80. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  81. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  82. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  83. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  84. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  85. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  86. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  87. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  88. Mike Brigman

    all pictures and decriptions I could find lead me to beleave this item was 4 assorted foottings but in fact it is only one and did not work on the system as advertised.

  89. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  90. KM I.

    Fit my paint gun perfectly

  91. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  92. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

  93. Amazon Customer

    I just used it today for the first time and it works perfect. Fit my spray gun and pps cups great

  94. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  95. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  96. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  97. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  98. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  99. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  100. Shane

    Great price fast shipping well made

  101. Ken

    Ever so slightly smaller in diameter @ the top under locknut. Give it a little stretch before dropping the liner in. Otherwise, fine. But be careful putting your lid on!!

  102. Amazon Customer

    I thought I was getting four adapters I only got one

  103. Drew Lovec

    Worked great for my harbor freight gun. The post system makes it alot easier.

  104. Randall V.

    Fits perfect! Definitely does its job!

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