Body Works – Grey Scuff Pads – Ultra Fine Hand Pad – Professional Grade Automotive and General Purpose -10 Pads Per Pack

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Ultra Fine grade scouring pads. Our pads are high quality and easily stand up to the quality standards of our higher priced, name brand competition. 30 pads per pack. 6″x9″ size. Aluminum Oxide pads to be used for scuffing before applying paint.

  • High Quality pads at a largely reduced price offer a cost effective alternative to expensive, name brand competitors.
  • 10 Pads Per Pack. Grey Pads are some of the most commonly used pads in the automotive industry for scuffing/sanding.
  • Aluminum Oxide for durability and extended use. Can be used for many applications and are especially effective for Auto Body Painting.
  • Ultra Fine Grade
  • Easily Comparable to high priced, name brand pads

8 reviews for Body Works – Grey Scuff Pads – Ultra Fine Hand Pad – Professional Grade Automotive and General Purpose -10 Pads Per Pack

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