Body Works “Twist Style” Paint Cup System (20oz) – Compatible with Legacy 3M PPS System (Not 2.0)


50 Lids, 50 Liners, 1 Hard Cup & Collar

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  • AUTOMOTIVE SPRAY CUP SYSTEM: Take the work out of auto body paint preparation! Body Works Automotive Spray Cup System features an original style hard cup and collar, 50 disposable spray cup liners and lids, 125-micron filters for water or solvent, and 20 sealing plugs to preserve unused paint
  • CLEAR AND ACCURATE: Durably constructed for repetitive use! The clear plastic hard cup features accurate, easy-to-read measurement increments (ml/oz) and ratios on the outside of spray cup for quick paint, water, or solvent mixing without the extra steps or mess.
  • LEAK-FREE COLLAR: Securing your spray cup is a breeze! The durable, hard plastic collar locks our disposable lids in place for a simple, leak-free hold while you paint.
  • DISPOSABLE REFILLS: Make paint prep and clean-up history! Body Works disposable spray cup liners and lids make our automotive spray cup system convenient and easy-to-use. Add liner to hard cup. Spin on lid and secure with collar. When done, dispose of the used liner and lid for a mess-free clean-up in minutes.
  • BODY WORKS: Born out of a collision shop in Illinois, we created a dependable alternative to expensive spay cups and liners. Our goal is to offer high-quality products at affordable prices for not only auto body shops around the country but also for the “Do it Yourselfers” and “Weekend Warriors.”