5″ Bondo Spreaders (25 Pack)

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  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • 4″ or 5″
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
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  • Durable – Strong spreaders will hold up to repeated use but won’t break when they are bent.
  • Flexible – Super flexible to make any contour but they won’t break when pushed to their max flexibility.
  • 4″ or 5″ – 2 Different Sizes for any job. 4″ and 5″ spreaders are the most common size in a body shop setting. They can be used with body filler, putty, glaze, and even fiberglass filler.
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse


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4 Inch (Pack of 25), 5 Inch (Pack of 25), 4 Inch (Pack of 100), 5 Inch (Pack of 100

11 reviews for 5″ Bondo Spreaders (25 Pack)

  1. Valerie A Barnett

    Probably not the correct buy for the job. Used it to spread hot glue while making masks.

  2. raymond

    i can’t really compare these to any other brand because of how flexible they are and easy to clean up and reuse. definitely would buy again.

  3. melissa

    Works perfect! Great straight edge. No complaints.

  4. Brian Carney

    Used them to spread masa when making tamales

  5. Scott

    These are perfect! If you are doing a job with epoxy or similar these are what you want. The value is awesome compared to going to a big box store and spending 3 to 4 dollars on a package of three of them. They are well made too. They have a better cleaner edge to them than the ones at HD etc… Good buy. I would buy again, but I can’t imagine when I’ll run out of them now.

  6. S. Roepke

    These spreaders have the perfect amount of stiffness, which is important so they have enough give and flex to contour around your surface, but enough stiffness to be able to apply pressure and hold your material. Also, the edges of each spreader are clean, some spreaders I’ve used in the past had edge imperfections that show in your final work surface.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I’ve always used the ones made by 3M or by Bondo. Thought I’d try these and I’m glad that I did. They aren’t overly flexible but not very stiff either. They’re just right! I bough the 4″ just to try them. I’ll be ordering the 6″ next, and as long as they continue to sell these, I’ll stick with this brand for the shop!

  8. rtk11226

    Good quality spreader that has a decent feel while spreading filler. The one thing I didn’t like is that they seem to retain a bend when filling corners… not a serious problem just a bit irritating . The best thing to do is work the flat areas first, and leave any corner filling until last.

  9. Bme

    I like these better than the custom shop ones as these have some flex making it easier to spread body filler.

  10. Amazon Customer

    While gluing up large boards I needed a way to spread out the glue evenly. These spreaders worked great. It will take a whike to use them all since the dried glue pops right off.

  11. Jedi

    Used to make surfboard. Good product, happy with purchase.

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