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Professional grade masking tape for the automotive industry. It offers a strong hold and releases without breaking up. Highly resistant to solvent and moisture and easily holds up to high temperatures. Smooth crepe paper design allows for sharp, clean edges and clean removal.

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18mm x 55m (12 Rolls/Pack), 36mm x 55m (6 Rolls/Pack)

10 reviews for Value Series Masking Tape – Free Shipping

  1. joe

    Buy just one single tape to try it for you’re self , I made the mistake and bought a sleeve. Very low adhesive doesn’t even want to stick to the masking paper.

  2. Masbas

    Works great!!! Stays put!!

  3. Ted W

    Reasonably priced automotive grade masking tape. Holds well and removes cleanly.

  4. Extremema

    Worked pretty well but I had strange tearing with mine and returned it. Think I just got a bad batch otherwise seem to be pretty good

  5. Christopher C. Calhoun

    I have used 3M painting tape for automotive use for 6 months and it didn’t seem cost effective to keep using and decided to give this a try off of a friends recommendation and couldn’t be happier. Clear coat, blender, and acetone have not let the orange color bleed at all. The tape has held up against rain, wind and the Florida heat and sun radiation very well. I is thin enough to not leave a major line when clear coat is applied to the edge and can be removed in one solid pull even when saturated with chemicals. Would highly recommend to all automotive painters.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Does NOT stick to anything, even clean auotbody panels. You think you have a good seel walk away for 5 minutes and the ends are peeling away.

  7. Jason

    As a professional painter the is good and gets the job done. But it does leave something to be desired, not as sticky as I’d like but it is suffecently sticky… does not hold up to water well but honestly very few tapes do.

  8. Victor Sosa

    Although we don’t use this tape for automotive purposes, it’s a great tape. We use it on drywall and it sticks well and does not peel the paint off.

  9. Steve Loera

    Very disappointed with this tape. Its horrible for masking vehicles. It leaves behind all the adhesive.

  10. Christopher curtin

    This is a great tape for the price been painting for 17 years I used a lot of diffent brands but this tape for the price is great better then low end 3m

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